Kahpri {Belly-to-Baby}

This family holds a very special place in my heart. Kohl & I met way back when we were young kids in elementary school and we used to play the Olsen Sisters together. I say sisters instead of twins because Kohl would always be the younger sister, Elizabeth (what am I, chopped liver?).

It was an absolute pleasure growing up with this amazing family and it’s been even more of a pleasure being able to capture their family grow, from their engagement to their wedding, from their first born to their third born and many mini sessions in-between. I have also had the honour of following her older sister, Brittoni through the same journey.

Most of the sessions take place on their beautiful property in the highlands, it’s always a great visit and I love watching the personalities of those little kiddies grow! They are so polite and so funny, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous, but that was a given with Kohl & Sterling being their parents.

Thank you for not only inviting me but also choosing me to join in on all your milestones! Welcome to the world Kahpri, you are already so loved and adored…it’s safe to say you won the family jackpot, baby girl. ♥



One Comment Add yours

  1. Brittoni says:

    I’m so lucky to call kohl my sister and be Aunty to my amazing nieces and nephew 💜💙💜


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