Laura & Ben {Maternity}

Laura & Ben are honestly two of the happiest people this job has brought into my life. Every time I see them it’s like catching up with lifelong friends. It has been so memorable getting to be a part of their epic love story, from engagement, boudoir, destination wedding in Cuba, pregnancy announcement and now maternity and soon to be baby girl. Laura and I were chatting when she mentioned her and Ben were ready to start trying to expand their family, my husband and I had started trying at the same time. It makes our bond and watching her bump grow even more sentimental.

Ben is in the military and works away often, his last deployment had him away from home for 254 days. During that deployment Laura was able to fly out and meet him in France, this is where their sweet babe joined the family. Laura came up with the cutest France themed announcement and while in their cozy home I couldn’t help but take a few of the tiny bump and the couple reunited. I will post a few below! My heart goes out to military families, their strength and sacrifice is beyond admirable.

 “They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and in our case, makes our family grow by one more heart.” – Laura & Ben’s announcement post.

Below are some of my favourites from their maternity session and that is another story in it’s own. Laura & I had a brilliant idea to do a super west coast beach styled session, so we picked Mystic Beach. I suppose we should’ve done more research because little did we know this session would take a total of 7 hours. This included a 2.5 hour drive (there and back), a 45 minute hike across a suspension bridge that scared poor Stevie Nicks (their dog), Braxton Hicks contractions that scared us all, no cell service, carrying multiple maternity dresses and an HBC blanket that we almost forgot to use and all of us dressed in jeans and flip flops, highly inappropriate clothing for such a hike.

After all of that I can honestly say, it was worth it. We caught up, had some good laughs, explored a part of this beautiful island none of us have been to and created some magical photos.

Laura & Ben, I am so happy you two came into my life and I can’t wait for all the adventures we will go on as this journey continues. Now for you baby girl, you are past your due date and there are lots of people itching to see you. Come meet us…we are ready for you to make this world a brighter place. ♥

Teal Dress: Jazz Craft Boutique
Flower Crowns: Ingrid Rose Floral Artistry blogsignature


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