Carissa {Maternity}

When two photographers get together, absolute magic happens. I had a fabulous afternoon chasing the sun with Carissa and getting her some west coast (home) photos so she can show her son where Mama is from.

Carissa is an island girl that moved to Edmonton to be with the love of her life. She’s sweet, caring and so incredibly nurturing. She’s going to make the best Mama. She was even kind enough to buy our baby it’s first gift ever! I honestly don’t have enough words to describe how nice Carissa is. She’s another blessing that came into my life through another client who is now one of my best friends. It may be the pregnancy hormones speaking but sometimes this job makes me feel all the feels.

I wish you all the best in these last few weeks before you meet your beautiful son. I can’t wait to see his gorgeous face and see you progress naturally into your Mama roll. Thanks for trusting me with these memories. blogsignature



“I love the peace the sea gives me, as if I am made from the salt itself.”


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